Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Federal Desposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Boiler & Heat Exchanger Replacement

Design Duration: 9 months


Advance Design Consultants was selected as a contractor to coordinate and facilitate all labor and materials associated with the purchase, installation, and operation of a new boiler, and domestic heat exchangers. ADC prepared Plans and Specifications (Drawings) which were used to design and direct this project, and were used as part of the Contract Documents.

Detailed Project Scope

ADC upgraded and modified the base building systems which were a part of the FDIC’s effort to increase efficiency and was able to obtain an acceptable Energy Star rating to obtain a LEED Certification. ADC was responsible for administration, coordination, supervision, scheduling, and inspection of the work detailed in ther Contract Documents.

ADC completed all modifications to the building systems that were recommended and ducmented by PG& E’s Integrated Energy Audit. ADC removed the existing boiler, and purchased, installed, and comissioned a new boiler including all electrical requirements. ADC successfully removed old domestic water hot water system components, in addition to purchasing and installing new heat exchangers and pumps including all electrical requirements.

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