San Mateo County Hospital

City & County of San Mateo
Hospital Kitchen Boiler Plant

Design Duration: 9 months
Full Design


Advance Design Consultants, Inc. was contracted to replace an 8.5 MMBTH Steam Boiler with a new Hot Water Boiler of the same heating capacity.

Detailed Project Scope

The scope of work consisted of converting the existing, outdoor storage area into a new steam boiler plant site, exclusively serving the center’s existing steam equipement, including: 5 kettles, one steamer, one dishwasher, and one tumbler. Additionally, ADC installed the new equipment on the new outdoor pad: three 400MBH steam boilers, one chemical treatment system, one feedwater storage and pump system, one blow off tank, and all associated valves, piping insultation piping and flue stacks.
One challenge presented in the replacement of the Boiler, was that the steam boiler required a 24-hour manned operation which was costly. Advance Design Consultants worked diligently to ensure that OSHPD compliance was met.

ADC was able to develop a system of analysis to determine the operating requirements for the new boiler operation, and for other systems affected by the project. This included modifications or replacement for the existing steam/hot water heat exchangers, hot water supply/return piping, pumps, and controls.

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