Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Chiller Replacement

Location: TBD
Perfomance: 03/06/2012-02/01/2013
Full Design


This project entailed veting various chiller technology options for the replacement of existing chiller serving Building 203, including cooling towers and associated pumps. The project scope required improvements to existing plumbing, structural, and electrical components along with the points of connection between old and new equipment.


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Detailed Project Scope

Based on options selected by the SFVAMC the engineering team developed design and specifications for the complete demolition and installation of the new chilled water plant.

Critical facility that needed to remain operational during construction. Larger capacity chiller that will meet current and anticipated needs of SFVAMC Building 203. Emergency planning needed in event of catastrophic failure of chilled water equipment.

The end result was a comprehensive engineering design that was in accordance with clients identified future goals. The design implemented the use of 400 Tons of “stackable” style chillers which Turbocor compressors which adds significant redundancy and energy efficiency to the entire system. The space allocation and pump design also took into account expansion needs of adding two additional 80 Ton chiller to the existing system 400 Ton stack if required as the SFVAMC needs change in the future. Preliminary selections of emergency back-up chillers and pumps were also made and staging area identified to provide a detailed emergency back-up plan for entire chilled water plant. Piping and electrical connections were provided to exterior of building for emergency back-up chillers and pumps for emergency systems.

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