Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Replace CFA Condenser Filters and Piping

Perfomance: 03/01/2011 – 10/17/2011
Full Design


ADC provided cost estimating services for the evaluation, analysis and preparation of construction changes and design alternatives for the repair and/or replacement of a/c condenser filters and piping in the cfa at VA pacific island health care system’s building 110 in Honolulu.

Detailed Project Scope

Under this scope of work, ADC conducted thorough evaluation of the condition of the a/c filters and piping from the condensing units to (and including) the evaporator units and reviewed, analyzed and recommended construction document cost estimates covering labor, material, equipment, general conditions and requirements as developed and communicated by the contracting officer and in accordance with VA guidelines, standards and policies.

ADC prepared full construction documents, working directly with the equipment suppliers to incorporate all drawings, schematics, and other data available for each new system component creating comprehensive a/e drawings that were optimized for ease of constructibility. ADC provided a new sequence of controls and controls diagrams to reflect the new design and provided a phasing plan for construction work that minimized operational down-time to the system. ADC prepared construction cost estimates at the 50%, 90% and 100% design stage for VA review and comments and incorporated all changes into the final drawing specification set. In addition, ADC provided construction period services to ensure construction in accordance with drawings, specifications and codes and reviewed all equipment and material submittals, shop drawings, and answered all contractor inquiries regarding classifications of plans and specifications as well as construction schedules and sequencing. ADC was on-site throughout the construction phase conducting quality assurance and quality control evaluations and testing further ensuring the quality and operability of the system for the VA.

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