Amgen – AR Immuno Chemistry Lab
AR Immuno Chemistry Lab

Location: South San Francisco, CA
Type of Contract: Full Design

Project Scope
The work consists of the design and construction support for the remodeling of 25,000 square feet of existing building to accommodate the expansion of research facilities. The project included the design of 6,000 square feet of office area which consisted of private offices, open space and remodeling of existing underground garage.

The project included mechanical, plumbing, process piping, electrical, fire alarm, and controls, for 12,000 square feet of chemistry lab and cell biology lab with fume and Biology Hoods, DI water, Nitrogen, Helium, Carbon Dioxide and Natural Gas.

Mechanical design consisted of constant flow and variable flow systems employing “Phoenix Controls” specifically developed to control temperature and air pressure in the labs. Also included was the design of the electric power distribution, lighting, communication, and fire alarm systems, including normal, emergency and UPS power.

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