Fenwick & West – Conference Room & Data Center

Fenwick & West, LLC
Conference Room & Data Center Design

Location: Mountain View, CA
Type of Contract: Design-Build

Detailed Scope of Work

ADC and ADC-CM were contracted to evaluate the existing Fenwick & West LLP data center located at 444 Castro Street, Mountain View and determine existing demands, available resources and recommend the facility Data Center upgrades based on a seven (7) year growth projection. Fenwick & West LLP operated in a 800 square foot Data Center with approximately 30 Racks and 133 physical servers cooled by three (3) 10-Ton water-cooled self-contained air conditioning units, with only two (2) operational at any one time and the remainder to act as backup in case of one (1) unit failure. Individual UPS are located within each rack. A twenty (20) percent anticipated growth over a seven (7) year period, compounded annually. ADC recommended to utilize the Copy Room located on the first floor of 400 Castro Street. This room is 1,562 square feet and based on ADC’s proposed layout, can fit approximately 60 new racks, two (2) new 150kW UPS’s to allow for dual power feeds to each rack, and 70-Tons of Cooling Capacity in a possible N+1 redundant configuration.

The proposed building is six (6) stories above grade, with five (5) levels of parking garage below grade. The building is a standard steel, lightweight concrete over pan deck construction. The building is LEED Gold Certified and the proposed project area has been designed to 150 pounds per square foot floor loading. The main high voltage electrical service is provided by PG&E and has a 3000 amp feeder serving the main switchboard in the first floor of the parking lot. This Feeder has four (4) six hundred (600) amp spares for expansion. ADC is responsible for the Design and Evaluation of: Civil, Controls,Structural, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, Construction Criteria, Support Permits and Cost Estimating.

Completed on time and on budget.

Project Scope
Advance Design Consultants was contracted by Fenwick & West LLP to completely re-design and relocate their existing Server Room within the Mountain View building and provide for an increased capacity and efficiency Data Center that would support their current loads and future flexible IT needs. ADC was also tasked with providing sustainable engineering design for an expansion to Fenwick & West’s existing Mountain View Conference Center with cutting edge technology and focus on maximum efficiency.

Fenwick & West challenged ADC’s engineering team to design a mechanical and electrical system that would perform at the highest efficiency, maximizing existing infrasructure and utilizing innovative design concepts to achieve LEED-CI Platinum standards. ADC also needed to create a solution that comprehensively addressed the client’s Data Center needs and achieves LEED Platinum standards with maximum cost-savings.

ADC designed a state-of-the-art Data Center utilizing existing space and providing maximum efficiency and controlability with customized air handling units, rooftop water-side economizer, cold aisle containment, LED lighting, and customized controls. Advance Design Consultants created an innovative active chilled beam system supported by controls which allow the client to maximize daylight and customize environments to their conference center needs.

LEED-CI Platinum certified, on time, on budget, PG&E rebates

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