IBM – Clean Room and Change Room

IBM Corporation
Clean Room & Change Room

Location: San Jose, CA
Type of Contract: Design-Build

Detailed Scope of Work

ADC-CM was awarded the contract to develop 20,000 SF of Class 100 Cleanroom plus 7,000 SF of Class 1000 Changeroom at IBM, located in San Jose.

The design was prepared by the sister company, ADC and construction was coordinated by ADC-CM. This work had to be performed in a fully operational building and had to integrate in with the existing cleanroom systems with absolutely zero-shutdown or interruptions of existing operations.
The required work utilized trusted contractors who met every construction milestone and was done per specification, on time and on budget. The construction of the cleanroom systems was performed for approximately $900/SF including all process and required infrastructure to prepare the space for move-in of manufacturing tooling.

ADC-CM’s success in this job was widely recognized and the contract was extended to provide design-build services to install approximately (120) manufacturing tools and equipment within the new space.


Cleanroom Expansion
Building Expansion
Equipment Expansion
Accelerated Schedule
Operational Cleanroom/Schedule Shutdowns

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