Sybase – Main Data Center Improvements

Data Center Expansion

Location: Dublin, CA
Type of Contract: Design-Build

Detailed Scope of Work

ADC was selected by SAP, Inc. to provide partial engineering design services to develop 50% plans for the expansion of the Dublin, CA data center that is located on the 2nd Floor of Building B. The project was located at 3 Sybase Drive, Dublin, CA in the 2nd floor main data center. The data center is approximately 16,500 SF in size.
The scope of work was to increase the overall data center mechanical efficiency by an estimated 15% while expanding the data center’s capacity by 250kW and up to 400-tons of cooling. ADC developed a set of plans up to the 50% design level from whcih a rough-order-magnitude (ROM) construction cost estimate that was prepared to ensure budget compliance, viability of add alternative and verification of green attributes.
The general concept was to convert the existing chilled water loop from a (3) chiller system to a “tempered” water loop that runs primarily from new open cooling towers. Based on previous Data Center room operating set points, the intent of the design was to raise the operating temperature limits from 74-76 F to a maximum temperature of 80 F. ADC demolished the existing (2) 190-ton air-cooled chillers and replaced them with (2) 400-ton open cooling towers with a side-stream sediment removal system.

The existing CRAHs were given an additional coil above each unit to expand the cooling capacity, and the CRAHs are allowed to operate with an elevated supply water temperature. As a result of this project, the operating temperature limits were increased from 74-76F to a maximum temperature of 80F. The new temperature increases allowed the data center to meet the ASHRAE 2011 Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments.

The project was completed on time and on budget.

Project Scope
The project consisted of a detailed design as well as construction support services for the installation of a 100 kW UPS on the 2nd Floor of Building B to serve the Main Data Center.

The challenge for the team was to create multiple solutions for the client that would achieve the desired goals but provide for different schedule, budget and efficiency scenarios.

ADC evaluated the Electrical and Mechanical Systems, as well as determined the floor loading capacity of the proposed areas providing two options for UPS placement and multiple efficient designs to accomodate future Data Center loads.

On time, on budget, value engineering

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