Our Process

When you work with Advance Design Consultants, Inc., you will have an integrated team of architects, engineers, designers, planners, consultants and technical specialists committed to your project. We have created a 6-step process to maximize innovation and collaboration amongst the team, while offering our clients a systematic and clear workflow. Throughout the process, we keep in mind the client’s vision and promise to deliver that vision – whether it be a thorough and detailed facility assessment, an innovative sustainability upgrade or a functional yet dynamic built space.

What We Do

Advance Design Consultants, Inc. is committed to delivering environmentally-responsible, technologically-advanced, and highly-functional designs. Our focus is cost-effective, sustainable design of commercial, governmental, educational, high-tech and healthcare facilities. Supporting clients from design through construction and operation, ADC provides comprehensive and integrated building engineering services.

Our six-step integrated project delivery (IPD) process combines design, project management, cost consulting, engineering, construction, and technology together to benefit our clients through a single point of contact. This service delivers high-quality assessment, design or construction projects faster and produces results by creating greater value for our clients with cost savings and efficient use of resources.

Our Process

1. Single Point of Contact

We streamline the communications process by offering a single point of contact for all projects. All client communication will be handled by the Project Manager or Project Executive (depending on the project scope). This representative from Advance Design Consultants, Inc. will coordinate with our team across all disciples and stages of the project to collect key information, document milestones, and keep the client aware of any relevant details throughout the project.

2. Field Work

Advance Design Consultants, Inc. is dedicated to making sure all designs are the best possible solution to address our client’s needs. Each project will start with a review of the client provided information and an evaluation of the space to verify accuracy of all future work. ADC will look for ways to increase efficiency, enhance sustainability, improve functionality, integrate new technology, and develop innovative solutions to bring life to the client’s vision for the project.

3. ASMEP Design

Advanced Design Consultants, Inc., and its partners, will perform all design work and engineering needed according to the scope of the project. This may include Architectural, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire, Sprinkler, Controls, Landscape, and other specialty disciplines. Our team, headed by the Project Manager, will work together to make sure that all plans are accurate, complete, on-time, and on-budget and focused on the client’s needs and desires.

4. Code Verification & Review

Advance Design Consultants, Inc.’s services include code evaluation and compliance. We evaluate and coordinate each design with local, state or federal regulations in mind. ADC has extensive experience in processing projects through Uniform Building Code (“UBC”), Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations, the State Fire Marshall (“SFM”), and the Division of State Architect (“DSA”). ADC oversees submissions, ensuring that all projects meet or exceed applicable standards.

5.  Construction Administration

Once the design components are completed and permits have been received, our team is ready to provide construction support through the entire contrition process. Addressing RFI, reviewing submittals, reviewing contactor invoicing and working to assure field conflicts are coordinated in a timely manner is always a top priority at ADC. The project team will stay in communication with the client and builder to ensure that the construction is completed as intended.

6. Project Completion

Once the project is complete, the Project Manager will review all elements with regards to project close out and ensure a proper package is delivered. As-built drawings, Owner-Architect-Contractor (“OAC”) meeting minutes, project photos, manuals, etc. will be complied in both hard and soft copy for the client’s continual use. Additionally, our internal project management system allows Advance Design Consultants, Inc. to quickly archive and store these project files for up to 5 years.

What You Get

Advance Design Consultants, Inc.’s solutions deliver built-environments that meet our client’s objectives and vision. We assess and design spaces so that they deliver operability, efficiency, sustainability, and an environment that meet the needs of employees and visitors alike. When you utilize Advance Design Consultants for your MEP design needs, you get the knowledge and experience of a multi-disciplinary team skilled in the full suite of AutoCAD design software including BIM, Revit, ETAP, Pipe Flow Expert, SKM and more. As a result, you receive detailed information and timely communication from concept through design, construction and operation. And by utilizing this industry standardized software to its greatest potential, ADC’s team is even better positioned to provide maximum cost savings, error mitigation, and dynamic engineering and architectural modeling for every project. Our comprehensive list of services can assist you in transforming a space to accommodate new business needs or services, upgrading or modifying an existing space or designing a new facility. With Advance Design Consultants, you’ll get a customized engineering, design and construction management solution specifically crafted to meet your needs and the needs of your business.

What You Experience

When you choose Advance Design Consultants, Inc., you’ll notice a difference right away. We design all of our projects with high efficiency and energy conservation in mind. And we will do so while working within your budget. ADC believes that intensive pre-planning leads to a better, more functional design in the end. Conducting efficient, effective job site investigations, and providing quality control during the entire design process, results in our designs being extremely accurate and detailed. Our highly-qualified staff and close relationships with expert partners enable Advance Design Consultants, Inc. to deliver designs that meet the highest standards for quality and innovation. As a result, the majority of our clients are highly-satisfied, repeat customers. Our seamless project experience allows your team to stay informed and involved without being weighed down by the process. Our dedication to our client’s goals means we make sure our projects reflect our client’s image and meet their needs while maximizing efficiency.

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