Government Personnel

Solutions for Government Personnel

Service excellence to local, state and federal agencies has been critical to Advance Design Consultant’s long-standing business success. Advance Design Consultant’s diverse team of multi-disciplined architects, engineers, designers, planners, consultants and technical specialists create a unique mix of skill sets and methodologies to help government institutions of any scale optimize budgets, minimize pain points, and create long-lasting and functional facilities.

Government and municipal facilities are of critical need to the local communities they support. They require strict compliance with internal standards and restrictions while balancing schedule, budget, efficiency and minimal operational downtime.  And, with multiple projects happening simultaneously that each have varied scopes and scales and different points of contact, it is necessary for government employees to find a trusted design and engineering team to handle this process. ADC has the skills and experience to handle extremely complex projects while providing flexible leadership, support, coordination and quality to each project.

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