Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Renewable is a term that has evolved over the last few decades and is now embedded into the fabric of our businesses and decisions, influencing and adding to our ability to plan sustainably.  And planning sustainably is something Advance Design Consultants knows a lot about.

The promise of sustainable power  and materials depends on our ability to harness renewable resources like wind, sunlight, biofuels, geothermal heat and water.  The technology needed to harness these natural resources is continually improving, dependent completely upon the parallel technical innovation and experience of the industries who build the infrastructure to support it.

Advance Design Consultants’ team has become trusted advisors to some of the most innovative and prominent clean technology companies competing in the market today.  Bringing that experience and thought leadership to every project, we focus on new technology coupled with alternative design strategies for maximum building efficiency and maintainability with minimal global impact.

We bring together a team of multi-disciplined experts who collaborate on all elements of the project to fine-tune the approach and exponentially impact the efficiency, quality and operability of any strategy or design with their unlimited knowledge base and understanding of industry best practices and cutting-edge technology.  Our technical designs, support and leadership help clients make their renewable energy concept a reality.

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