High Performance Design

High Performance Design

ADC is at the forefront of providing efficient ways of coordinating to create quality designs.  We use the latest tools, systems and technology to assure we are providing High Performance Design. With professionals skilled in the full suite of AutoCAD design software including BIM, Revit, and Navisworks, we are able to design the exact infrastructure you require in a way that is compelling and relevant to all stakeholders and comprehensive in its detail. By utilizing this industry standardized software to its greatest potential, ADC’s team is even better positioned to provide maximum cost savings, error mitigation, and dynamic engineering and architectural modeling for every project.

These software tools help ADC to deliver projects using Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).  Through BIM and its counterparts, the intense collaboration across multi-disciplined project teams required for IPD contracts can be realized with a tool that enables the right kind of data sharing and project coordination. When a project uses these software options, it enables ADC to optimize project results, reduce waste, maximize efficiency in each project phase, and ultimately increase value to the owner.  

Design Software and Technology

Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows our team to even further deliver on this mission by facilitating an advanced way of working where the data stored in the design is as intelligent as the components within it.  With BIM, a rich design software that enables each object in a design to have a database of information behind it and connected to it, ADC’s designs and information can remain consistent, coordinated, and more accurate, regardless of how many times the design may have changed.  BIM models allow our engineers to give you a visual representation of your building, system or infrastructure backed by accurate data coordinated across disciplines.  Early access to the information within the models created in BIM helps all stakeholders to gain more insight into their projects and make more informed decisions earlier in the planning, design, construction, or renovation process providing the maximum value to project cost, schedule, and sustainability.

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