Advance Design Consultants, Inc., is highly experienced in a variety of project delivery metohds including Design-Build. Our firm appreciates the opportunity to get the our firm as designer, working with the contractor as a team from the beginning, providing unified project recommendations. Our experience has shown that collaboration can drive innovation beyond common boundaries to create buildings that are designed for the future and are customized to support current client needs. For over 30 years, ADC’s architects, engineers, designers, planners, consultants and technical specialists have been collaborating on projects as one expert team, pushing each other’s strengths and creativity to find new and better ways to design buildings comprehensively and construct them to the finest detail.

Diverse and Experienced Approach

When using the design-build method, ADC integrates a team of multi-disciplined and multi-experienced experts earlier on in the design process to create architectural designs that achieve great successes due to their combination of established practices and innovative concepts.

Sustainable Focus

With sustainability at the core of our building designs, ADC prides ourselves on creating innovative solutions that successfully address all project challenges and goals to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and quality imaginable with maximum client cost-savings. Being able to work directly with the general contractor during the design process allows ADC to use their input in designs and mitigate issues across teams earlier in the process. 

Construction Management

Did You Know The founders of Advance Design Consultants, Inc. also created a construction management firm, ADC Construction Management, Inc.?

Expanding Our Outreach

We know that flexibility is fundamental when planning for your facility, and for over 35 years we have been focused on creating new ways internally to develop that flexibility and promote it. That is why ADC-CM is the perfect strategic partner, expanding our outreach and allowing ADC’s team to deliver full service engineering and construction solutions for our clients. With the technical expertise of ADC’s dynamic architectural and engineering team, ADC-CM is able to deliver construction solutions that offer superior quality, efficiency and cost-savings.

Full-Service Construction Solutions

ADC-CM has the tools, teams and experience to manage construction projects of all scopes and scales. Focusing on exceeding expectations in project management, ADC-CM offers comprehensive construction support to diverse clients who value detailed, attentive, innovative solutions to their construction challenges.

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