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Advance Design Consultants, Inc. is an integrated team of architects, engineers, designers, planners, consultants and technical specialists offering a wide range of professional services. ADC focuses on the challenges within the built environment and offers a comprehensive list of service opportunities to enhance the operability, maintainability, and sustainability of the infrastructure within a facility. From whole building design and construction to mechanical and electrical system design, energy audits and facilities condition assessments, we have evaluated, designed and built some of the most innovative facilities for our clients including Data Centers that boast PUE’s of 1.2 or lower and LEED Platinum certification.

Advance Design Consultants, Inc.’s experience has shown that innovation comes from the ability to generate breakthrough ideas that can change the way things are done for the future. But it has also shown that the most ground-breaking concepts and ideas don’t come in a sudden stroke of genius; it is most often the collision of many different smaller ideas from diverse individuals that creates something bigger than themselves. Our diverse team is passionate about creating dynamic solutions that not only conquer all project challenges but that represent quality and innovation in the way buildings are designed, and through our integrated approach to all projects, we continue to achieve unparalleled cost-savings, energy reductions, and reliability for our clients.

ADC Timeline

  • ADC & ADC-CM Host Virtual Oktoberfest

    ADC & ADC-CM Host Virtual Oktoberfest

    In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, ADC & ADC-CM hosted their first virtual event, Oktoberfest. Guests received a box filled with craft brews, snacks, photo props & more and an opportunity to do a tasting, have a Q&A with the brewers and just enjoy each other’s company.

  • ADC’s 35 Year Anniversary

    ADC’s 35 Year Anniversary

    October 2019 marked the 35th Anniversary of Advance Design Consultants. In 1984, Lorenzo Rios started a firm  he believed could change the way we think about designing for the built environment, increase building efficiencies and manifest overall sustainability.

  • Receives Commendation from County of Santa Clara

    ADC Green Business Commendation

    On Tuesday, September 10th, the County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors presented Advance Design Consultants with a Commendation for their commitment to environmental practices. 

  • ADC’s Inaugural Oktoberfest & Cornhole Tournament

    ADC’s Inaugural Oktoberfest & Cornhole Tournament

    After completing design work for Golden State Brewery, Advance Design Consultants & ADC Construction Management hosted an Oktoberfest celebration & Cornhole Tournament at the brewery for staff, clients, and partners.

  • 10th Annual Golf Tournament

    10th Annual Golf Tournament

    Advance Design Consultants and ADC Construction Management continued their tradition of hosting a golf tournament for clients, partners and staff.

  • BD Chiller Plant

    BD Chiller Plant

    A preliminary study of the plant infrastructure was performed by ADC. ADC then partnered with Biggs Cardosa for structural engineering and DES Architects + Engineers for architecture services, to undertake “Project Granite”. The work is broken into 5 phases of A/E design phases. The 5 phases included a Facilities Condition Assessment, Tenant Improvement Projects, and ultimately the design of a Utility Chiller Plant in which Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Process Piping were required to facilitate the relocation of BD approved systems.

  • ADC’s 30 Year Anniversary

    ADC’s 30 Year Anniversary

    October 2014 marked the 30th Anniversary of Advance Design Consultants. 30 years ago, Lorenzo Rios founded ADC with the hopes of creating a leading engineering firm that would epitomize “Excellence, Passion and Experience.”

  • Oracle Facility Conditions Assessment

    Oracle Facility Conditions Assessment

    Advance Design Consultants conducted a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) of the 6 Oracle Office Buildings located in Redwood Shores including LEED assessment and certification.  Following the FCA, ADC was awarded additional contracts for controls evaluations, equipment replacement, and additional assessment and consulting services.

  • Hitachi – Taurus Clean Room Expansion & Multi Tool Installation

    Hitachi – Taurus Clean Room Expansion & Multi Tool Installation

    Advance Design Consultants designed the expansion of an existing wafer fab for a new product line. Project included 20,000 s.f. of Class 100 fab and 5,000 s.f. of support including a new gowning area which will service new and existing fabrication areas. This project was immediately followed by the Multi Tool Installation project.

  • FDIC

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) hired Advance Design Consultants to perform a integrated audit of their commercial office building. The goad was to achieve Energy Star rating and the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED-Existing Building Operations & Maintenance certification. ADC performed the audit as well as various other design projects to help FDIC in reducing energy costs and consumption.

  • Headway Phase 1

    Advance Design Consultants provided engineering services for the expansion of Headway’s Building 1 clean room manufacturing area by 12,000 square feet.

  • Veterans Affairs

    Veterans Affairs

    Advance Design Consultants has completed a variety of projects for the VA including designs for Outpatient Mental Health Services, Primary Care Services, Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center (PRRC), Emergency Generators, HVAC Replacement, Seismic Deficiency Corrections and Building Expansions among other projects.

  • Inaugural Golf Tournament

    Inaugural Golf Tournament

    ADC hosted a golf tournament for clients, vendors, and partners. It would soon grow to be our most popular event.

  • Dimatix


    ADC began a series of designs for Dimatix including their Building B Cleanroom Expansion, Electrical System Upgrades, Chiller and HVAC Improvements, HF Water Treatment Systems, PipeFlo Analysis and other MEP designs across various buildings.

  • ADC’s 20 Year Anniversary

    ADC reached 20 years in business and successfully completed hundreds of client projects.

  • Oracle

    Advance Design Consultants has had a longstanding relationship with Oracle. From ATS & Generator studies and Facility Condition Assessments to designs for Equipment Replacement, Infrastructure Improvements and a Data Center Expansion, we are proud to help them meet their MEP Design needs.

  • IBM – Taurus Expansion

    ADC was responsible for remodeling 36,000 sq. ft. of existing building to accommodate the expansion of a Taurus Manufacturing Facility. This facility was designed as a class M3 clean room with ultra clean floor system. The design was planned so that the execution of the construction work was done in phases with no interruption to the operation of the existing manufacturing units. Advance Design Consultants had a longstanding relationship with IBM Corporation and successfully completed over 1,000 projects for them. The partnership has continued with Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST) and Western Digital through the mergers and acquisitions.

  • ADC-CM Formed

    ADC Construction Management is built upon a continuing legacy of innovation, character, and integrity. Our roots reach back to 1997 when Lorenzo Rios first applied his knowledge of design and carpentry, gained in his native Nicaragua, to create the foundation of ADC Construction Management.

  • ADC’s 10 Year Anniversary

    ADC reaches 10 years in business.

  • Lorenzo Rios forms ADC

    In 1984, Lorenzo Rios, Sr. realized a dream of creating an architectural and engineering firm that would do it better, with more imagination, drive and passion then any other team.

ADC’s goal is to continue to push the envelope by dynamically and flexibly supporting all your architectural, engineering, planning, technical consulting and construction needs with services built to serve your business and the future of the built environment.

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Meet Our Management

Diverse teams create original ideas that drive innovation.

Advance Design Consultants, Inc. has brought together a group of architects, engineers, designers, planners, consultants and technical specialists highly skilled in their fields. Together, they integrate into a collaborative team where ideas can collide and grow into innovative concepts and designs that forge new ground in the industry and for our clients. At ADC, we pride ourselves on our diverse composition. We strive to find new ways to promote this diversity and channel it into an innovation engine that creates quality and sustainable solutions.

Our multi-faceted team is able to show their passion, experience and excellence in each new project due in great part to the tools and systems they use. With skilled professionals in the full suite of AutoCAD design software including BIM, Simulation CFD, Revit, Plant 3D, structural Detailing, Quantity Takeoff and Infrastructure Modeler we are able to design the exact infrastructure you require in a way that is compelling and relevant to all stakeholders and comprehensive in its detail. By utilizing this industry standardized software to its greatest potential, ADC’s team is even better positioned to provide maximum cost savings, error mitigation, and dynamic engineering and architectural modeling for every project.


Our History

In 1984, Lorenzo Rios, Sr. realized a dream of creating an architectural and engineering firm that would do it better, with more imagination, drive and passion then any other team.  With the founding of Advance Design Consultants, Inc., Mr. Rios set out…

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