Audits & Assessments

Do you wish you had a comprehensive and detailed understanding of your building’s systems, equipment and mechanical and electrical infrastructure so that you can accurately project your capital investments and plan for the future?

Plan for the Future

We know that accurate data, strategic plans and flexibility are fundamental when planning for your infrastructure and facility. Understanding your equipment life cycles and retrofit opportunities is key to your bottom-line, but it can also make or break your strategic facility planning.

Advance Design Consultants, Inc. offers a variety of services that can give you options to address a specific opportunity or need or give you a holistic and comprehensive view of your current facility concerns.

Through Feasiblility Studies, Facility Conditions Assessments, and Integrated Audits, ADC provides you with concrete information to evaluate your current situation, plan for the future of your facilities, and optimize your operational performance and environmental impact.

Feasibility Studies are a crucial way that ADC adds value for our clients. By providing in-depth research on the areas pertinent to determining the feasibility and viability of your project, ADC can help you move forward knowledgeable about the factors that will bring your project success.

ADC’s team of highly skilled team bring their multi-disciplinary understanding to each study. No matter the scope, scale or point we enter the project, ADC provides analysis, documentation, recommendations, design and support to that is in line with your business goals. The end result is a detailed report customized to your specific projec and needs that gives you the peace of mind and thorough evaluation to move forward with your project with confidence.

Advance Design Consultants, Inc. can provide feasibility studies in the following categories: design feasibility, financial feasibility, operational feasibility, schedule feasibility, legal feasibility, market feasibility, and resource feasibility.

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