IT Managers

Solutions for IT Managers

No matter the industry or organization, data management and communications are often at the heart of it. So we know that today more than ever, businesses rely on you to keep their central information processing systems running properly. Advance Design Consultants can assist you in handling all of your IT infrastructure needs. From computer room design to data center electrical systems, UPS installations, mechanical systems and preventative maintenance, we have extensive knowledge and experience to overcome your challenges. Through detailed assessment and analysis of your needs, we can design highly efficient office and conference spaces, more integrated and interdependent production facilities, or the optimal mission critical data center for your organization.  

As a top MEP consulting firm, ADC applies our diverse systems expertise to create integrated designs for IT Managers, improving reliability and simplifying operations and maintenance. Integrating voice, data and video transmission, security and alarm systems, and audio/visual systems with other building components requires expertise in both building systems and communication technologies.

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