Integrated Audits

Integrated Audits

An integrated audit is a unique tool that can shed light on your facilities infrastructure in a strategic way allowing you to make informed decisions about the improvements needed for your built environment.

An Integrated Audit (IA) describes a comprehensive plan that addresses energy conservation and efficiency, time of use management, demand response and self-generation for the facilities being reviewed.  Our licensed professional engineers begin by conducting extensive on-site research and analysis of the existing systems and equipment that are supporting the building.  After careful investigation and review, our team compiles a full report that gives extensive detail, calculations, and analysis of the current state of the facility, and provides design options for critically identified improvements that can be made to garner maximum efficiency and cost-savings for the client.

Focused on improving energy management, conservation and efficiency, an IA offers a holistic picture of a client’s energy usage based on extensive onsite technical investigation of the facilities and processes.

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