Clean Rooms

Clean Rooms

ADC designs clean room facilities that perform at the highest efficiency standards and adherence to codes and requirements and achieve desired results.

Clean rooms require a complex mechanical and electrical distribution in order to maintain a consistent and controlled environment and achieve the desired low levels of environmental pollutants and toxins for proper manufacturing conditions.  The infrastructure, equipment, and principles required vary based on the classification but always require precise understandings or codes, standards and requirements along with design expertise to create a successful facility that operates as efficiently and effectively as possible.

ADC has a superior track record at designing and developing projects at critical facilities that require little-to-no interruption to on-going manufacturing operations, and with fast-track projects that require less than 100 days from receipt of purchase order to clean room operations. ADC is innovative and excels at out-of-the-box thinking while developing creative strategies to implement fast-track projects while maintaining or coming under client budget requirements.

ADC has assisted in whole and in part in the successful design and construction of many clean room facilities for our clients.  Whether designing improvements to existing systems to enhance clean room efficiency or increase flexibility of the systems, or in designing and providing construction period support for a large clean room expansion, ADC’s team of experienced architects, engineers, designers, planners, consultants and technical experts can give you the tools you need when planning for your clean room design needs.

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