Data Centers

Data Centers

Advance Design Consultants, Inc. designs Data Centers that achieve high performance results in operational efficiency and maximum energy reduction, cost-savings, scalability, modularity, flexibility, resiliency and redundancy for our clients.

Environmental regulations, rising energy costs, expanding data center footprints and IT loads are a few of the challenges driving the need for energy efficient, sustainable infrastructure to support data centers that can support the needs of their businesses. ADC’s years of experience have shown that building a sustainable data center environment requires a holistic approach to the entire infrastructure and a focus on identifying critical adjustments and improvements that have maximum impact. We conduct comprehensive analysis and evaluation of existing and proposed conditions to create a data center design approach that focuses on creating the most effective and usable solution.

ADC’s team has designed data centers with small footprints and complex infrastructure requirements, mid-sized data centers with customized units and systems that continue to achieve maximum efficiency and operational cost-savings and have been awarded multiple design achievements for their sustainability and innovative ideas, and large scale collocated data center facilities that integrate cutting-edge technologies and practices into the most efficient design achievable. We continue to forge new ground in creating data center infrastructure that performs at the highest efficiency standards and adds the value clients require for their data center design needs.

ADC facilitates technology and innovation in our designs and can offer data center design and construction support in the following specific areas of expertise:

  • Data Center audits
  • Data Center studies
  • Data Center design
  • Optimizing existing infrastructure and site utilities
  • Customized equipment packages for tailored solutions
  • Hot & cold aisle containment
  • Raised floors
  • Modularity & flexibility
  • Efficient lighting design
  • Controls design & integration
  • Expense management (NPV, IPR, ROI)
  • LEED consulting services
  • Rebate management
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