Lockheed Martin – New OPCo Facility

Lockheed Martin
New OPCo Facility

Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Type of Contract: Full BIM Design

Detailed Project Scope

Advance Design Consultants, Inc. a contract to create a state of the art design for Lockheed Martin’s New OPCo Facility. This clean room design needed to keep in mind economical installation costs and phased construction.

The clean room was built over a mezzanine with a moment frame system which allowed for large columns to span up to 40 feet without the need for cross bracing. This allowed for maximum flexibility in the room layout and flexible future modifications.

Clean room design incorporated a state of the art priority system designed by ADC which consisted of a modular steel frame that supports a walk-able ceiling penum cap that supports air circulating units, and the hanging structure for the micro-grid that integrated the sprinklers and LEDS light support for HEPA filters. The walk-able surface provides accessible maintenance space that facilitates pre-filters replacement and maintenance of circulating air handling units.

The mezzanine structure over the non-clean areas included frames that support Make-Up air handling units, humidifiers, exhaust fans and other mechanical and electrical equipment required, including ductwork, piping, sprinklers, lighting and conduits/wiring.

Mechanical and electrical systems included the most efficient equipment available including digital controlled EPDM motors and LEED light fixtures to minimize the energy required to operate the cleanroom in conformance to Lockheed performance criteria. The high efficiency devices in combination with the state of the art circulation units provide an energy use reduction between 31% and 42% over conventional systems.

Advance Design Consultants used phase construction with the simple provision of the installation of a hatch for the drop off and pickup of mechanical and electrical equipment wihout disturbing the first floor occupied areas in any manner.

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