City of Sunnyvale – City Hall

City of Sunnyvale
City Hall HVAC & Controls Upgrade

Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Type of Contract: Full Design

Project Scope
Advance Design Consultants was contracted by the City of Sunnyvale to provide mechanical and electrical engineering review and design services for Sunnyvale’s City Hall HVAC upgrades and motor contol center replacement.

Several design flaws were discovered within the existing HVAC system of the City Hall which were resulting in improper airflow and wind-tunnel effects throughout the facility.

ADC developed a design to rezone and replace all VAV boxes throughout the entire City Hall complex ensuring proper airflow circulation throughout the facility. ADC also developed a Building Automation System including full HVAC system controls. In addition, design was prepared for the complete replacement of the main Motor Control Center which integrated fan drives and mounted variable frequency drives for all pumps. ADC’s design resulted in a 10% reduction in HVAC system electrical usage for the facility.

On time, on budget, net energy reduction

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