FujiFilm Dimatix – Clean Room Expansion

FujiFilm Dimatix
Building B Utilities Office, Lab & Clean Room Expansion

Location: Santa Clara, CA
Type of Contract: Full BIM Design

Detailed Project Scope

ADC proposed to minimize the modifications to the existing equipment yard in order to avoid utility shutdowns and adverse impact on existing production. ADC proposed to build a new equipment yard on the balance of the west wall, adjacent to the shipping and receiving door, and along the north wall of the building up to landscape area in front of the building. This proposed arrangement has been reviewed favorably by the City of Santa Clara planning and building departments.
The new equipment yard will house the new 12 kV, 3000 KVA switchgear, air handlers, chiller plant and chemical storage. A steel platform will be built to accommodate the installation of new cooling towers, VOC/Acid exhaust systems and process cooling water equipment. The project design successfully made an effort to utilize the existing equipment in good condition when possible to minimize cost and interruptions to existing clean room. Total design and construction was 400 days. Project was on schedule and under budget. Modified original Basis of Design (BOD) for a cost savings of 6 Million (From 26 to 20 Million).


New 12 kV 3000 KVA
Air Handlers
Chiller Plant
Chemical Storage
Adherence to Schedule
Occupied Building
Cost Estimating

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